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Plants and Surgery is a webcomic about an unusual apothecary and the every day life of four strange inhabitants that have come to call it home.

Their worst days are behind them,

and bright days stretch ahead.
However, ghosts can echo in many forms; and the building is without a doubt,




​This donation supported webcomic falls somewhere under the fantasy/slice of life/drama genre.


It is rated PG13 for violence, fear, mild nudity, drugs/alcohol, and cursing. (some of it in troll speak)

Updates Wednesday and FRIDAY
(only fridays temporarily)

  • Cat

Page 173 Update

We're back! That was a long cart ride. I hope you all had a restful holiday. Mine was honestly a bit of a blur! Some of my friends and family have fallen ill recently. I hope you're feeling well, and if you're currently not, I hope you start to feel better soon! ~Cat

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