What age range is this comic appropriate for?

I've categorized it as PG13. It has cursing and violence, about monster movie level (think Alien or Jurassic Park). There is some drug and alcohol use. There are some scenes with partial nudity. As far as sex-related stuff goes, it's very tame. There are themes of emotional abuse and death that might bother some people.

How long does it take for you to finish a page?

It depends, but usually about 4-6 hours from boards to details.

How many pages can you draw in a week?

If I had no other obligations I could do a page or two a day. However, I currently have another job so I make sure to finish two pages a week to keep up the buffer!

Why isn't the comic colored?

I would LOVE to color my comic! Maybe one day I'll be able to justify doing a colored chapter. Right now I just don't have the spoons.

Do you draw other things?

LOTS of other things! I love drawing animals and plants, you can check out my other work on my Portfolio Website.

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