Patient files
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Bri from Iboa
Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
Blood Type: 0+
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Brown
Sign: Leo
Flower: Sunflower
Favorite Color: Red

Jon from Kar-Ospil
Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Blood Type: B+
Hair/Eyes: Black/Hazel
Sign: Libra
Flower: Daisy
Favorite Color: Red

Bri grew up on a grain farm in Iboa, setting out to join the military at fifteen after her family farm was destroyed in a fire bombing attack by Ulfsarine forces. Her instructors turned a blind eye to her age, counting on her apparent talent with long blades and her seeming natural movement in armor.
She was stationed as a shock trooper in the Southwestern Theatre for three years. She pushed a hundred successful missions before being captured and interrogated. She was ransomed back to the Pan-Ospil Alliance along with a group of 27 other captured fighters before being honorably discharged at the age of 18.

Since this time, Bri has suffered from severe post-traumatic episodes and anxiety stemming from her experiences in the trenches. She feels nervous without her armor, and this is made even worse if her sword is not at hand. She has trouble communicating her feelings and is uncomfortable with emotional displays from others. When in a situation that feels confined or out of her direction control, Bri tends to make snap decisions that can be harmful.

Bri met Jon shortly after the war ended while he worked the towers on the Kar-Ospil border. She was impressed with his skill as a trapper and archer, and fell quickly for his tactical acumen. Though Jon never saw the Wastes, he is supportive of Bri. He is trying to learn how to communicate with her about her experiences during the war, having spent the entirety of his deployment on border patrol in a remote mountain pass.
He has an adventurous and outgoing personality that she finds quite charming, and their fast friendship grew into a joint venture as monster hunters. Over time, they realized that they were more than friends or partners.
They are now traveling back from Iboa and Bri’s to Kar-Ospil, where they plan to be married. Their trip was disrupted when Bri fell ill after completing a bounty involving an aggressive wyrm that was attacking the livestock of a local farm.


Corban from Kar-Ospil
Age: 7
Height 3'5"
Blood type: A
Hair/Eyes: Black/Blue
Sign: Scorpio
Flower: White Clover
Favorite Color: Green

Lisa from Kar-Ospil
Age: 38
Height: 5'6"
Blood Type: A
Hair/Eyes: Black/Green
Sign: Capricorn
Flower: Iris
Favorite Color: Purple
Children: Corban, Min, and Daisy

Corban's father returned to him from the Wastes when he was only three years old. The hospital in Shirgard kept him for a year due to complications in his lungs from his trench being dusted during his service. Corban has fond memories of his father, who was optimistic and kind. They spent four happy years together and brought Corban's two siblings into the world before his health went downhill and vicious bout of pneumonia took his life.

Corban's mother Lisa, a resilient and resourceful person, is determined to give her children the best life possible.

So shortly after her husband's funeral, she packed up their family's button shop and began moving her family to live with her sister in Iboa. Along the way, however, she noticed her son acting strange. He started to reject his favorite foods and became quiet and reserved.

She took him to several doctors along their journey but none of them proved useful. Unable to calm him down enough to get a good look at him. They chalked his symptoms up to a child's way of mourning. Corban harbors a fear of doctors since his father passed into the Blue, but this apothecary looks different than all the other places he's been before. It doesn't have a graveyard outside it for one, and a nice elf girl wants to play flower shop with him.